American Predator, the ebook.


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American Predators

In 2017 the Figaroa family of Mexico City was on the run from the Cartel. They crossed the border into Texas optimistically seeking asylum. Instead their four year old twins were taken from them and they were deported.
Four years later, it’s President Donald Stump’s second term in the Oval Office, which he now openly shares with President Vladimir Rupin of Russia. The KGB has replaced the defunded FBI, and Congress is in the process of re-writing the Constitution in favour of white supremacy and no presidential term limits.
Meanwhile, Jackal, the world’s biggest computer company, releases its latest artificially intelligent operating system, Icarus. It uncovers a vast deep web conspiracy that has ensnared the Figaroa children, among others.
Implicated is Boaty Godslawe, Hollywood’s most powerful producer by day, and worst predator by night. Due to his connections to the White House and his vast collection of kompromat on important people, Godslawe is impervious to legal repercussions, no matter how much evidence piles up against him.
Jackal hires Matthew Angelino, formerly of the CIA, to deal with Godslawe and his criminal cabal. With Matthew’s experience in torture interrogations and picking targets for predator drones, his moral compass is sufficiently askew to hunt down the monster of the deep net.
When President Donald Stump steps in with his Twitter account and private security force, the situation goes from ugly to catastrophic.


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