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Joy Ross is the editor of “EARTH ANGELS Edition #1: 13 Journeys of Triumph – Wisdom With Wings” which is also available on Amazon.

Joy Ross 5.0 out of 5 stars

Highly Recommend

December 9, 2018 Format: Kindle Edition

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Set in 2021 during President Stump’s second term, Anthony’s debut novel is an intriguing, imaginative and fast-paced espionage thriller intermixed with sci-fi and political satire.

The main character, Matthew “Angel” Angelino, is a former CIA operative whose moral compass is somewhat askew. When a global tech company decides to use its resources to combat the worst criminals on the deep web, they hire Angel to lead the investigative team. Employing existing technology in creative ways, Angel and his team travel the world hunting prolific predators.

Reading American Predators caused me to ponder a few current political policies and deviant happenings that I prefer not to think about…but should. The subtitle is appropriate. “Some Crimes Trump Due Process.” However, I pray that the government-aware (silently sanctioned) vigilantism Anthony foreshadows in his novel never comes true.

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